Harlequin momentum cip3 plugin


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I have a harlequin momentum rip v7 and looking to activate cip3. When i try to add the plugin it asks for a password.

Where can I purchase this password?


Martin Mueller

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Hi Vance,

support for all older Harlequin RIPs was given by the manufacturer Global Graphics to their subsidiary company Xitron four years ago. The old RIP USB dongles were abolished against the new soft key LDK licensing system Passwords for all older RIP plugins, such as your CIP3 plugin, are no longer sold. You can only update your old Momentum RIP to the current Xitron Navigator RIP v13 and have the CIP3 plug-in activated. The tiered update price of your old RIP is almost the same as the price of a new Navigator RIP, plus the price for the CIP3 plug-in.

I would recommend buying a separate CIP3 software, such as Excourse PressPerCent. The software can generate CIP3 data and many other proprietary printing press data formats from 1-bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF, PDF, PS and EPS data, I sell PressPerCent software together with an installation service for your press and prepress workflow.


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Mac only but shouldn't be a problem to buy a used mac mini like I did, install a 10.10 or 10.11 OS and you're good to go. PPCent is good for processing CMYK jobs.


I have the demo version of PressPerCent. Still having issues getting our old M600 to recognize the CIP3 files it creates.


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The output for CP2000 from Presspercent crashed the console on our Speedmaster 74-8P I haven't been game to try it again
We're still using an old version (3.3) of Heidelberg Prepress Interface which only runs on Windows 98. We'll probably have to move it to a VM once the current hardware dies, I've run out of old computers that will still run 98.

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