Harlequin Navigator RIP renames files "Art & Illustration"


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What would cause our Navigator RIP to rename a file that was sent to print? We have MultiRip 12.0 Rev. 1.
The number of characters in the name doesn't seem to matter, nor does special characters like dashes or underscore.
It randomly renames our files "Art & Illustration". This is a problem for our plate maker since he doesn't know which job this may belong to.

Thank you!


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Step 1 : open your page setup manager and edit each page setup at a time by checking the checkbox to 'enable feature', then select 'use filename as jobname' from the pulldown menu.
Step 2 : edit each page setup to 'Configure' the tiff generation ; in the next window called 'Tiff configuration' you probably have a template based file name generation. Choose 'Conventional' ; then, below, select 'Use jobname as stem' checkbox. Most other options here are self explanatory.
Look for your RIP Op guide pdf in your navigator folder/Documentation and read the chapter describing how to configure the output formats.
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