Harlequin Rip Workflows


Jeremiah is correct, there are other options that use the Harlequin RIP including our Express Workflow. Workflow Solutions
What devices do you have? What kind of automation are you looking for?


I don't think Jeremiah is correct at all. The two workflows Coremac mentioned are not "the same". They aren't even close. The reply doesn't contain much information at all.

Let me try.
Nustream is fairly new but I have spent some time with it and think it has some nice points. I believe it to be a pretty good entry-level system with some internet features of interest. I would describe it as a collaborative internet approval workflow. Job submission, proofing, and communication are highlights. It has more in common with Xitron Printernet than Navigator (I am not associated with Nustream so this is one man's opinion)

Navigator Workflow has an installed base of around 1400 and has evolved over the years into a loaded workflow toolbox configurable from the low-end to the high-end depending on price and feature set. Branded versions also ship from quite a few CTP and Press manufacturers as their own workflow. I would describe it as a scalable prepress and pressroom workflow.

Alvaro, perhaps you haven't seen a demonstration of it recently but if I were to compare it to another workflow it certainly wouldn't be Nustream; it would be your Express.
In my judgement Express and Navigator address many of the same functionality requirements with some differences on each side.
I think the user interface is more simple and more modern in the Navigator Workflow but that is opinion.

With client applications for Windows and Macintosh, Navigator Workflow will fit into any prepress environment. There are also pressroom workflow functions that may be of interest. It is quite expandable but can start quite simply. If you have a Harlequin RIP - you should consider it.

Coremac - I invite you to see a demonstration over the internet.
Whether our product is the better fit for you or not - I don't know yet. We can talk a bit about it if you like.
I recommend a demonstration of whichever products you are considering so you can make your own judgement.

Eric Nelsen
VP, Product Management
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