Heard of anyone using a Flatbed Inkjet to make highly accurate/repeatable film positives or negatives for making screens or plates?


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We are seeking a way to make highly repeatable film positives, 29inx41in or larger. The non-flatbeds that most people use for such purpose, like Epson T-5270, can not deliver true-size results: too much random size variations.

SO, I was wondering if flatbed inkjet has inherent improvement on accuracy, and most importantly, repeatability of the size of prints? Or specific models/manufacturers?


I don't know about screens but a true flatbed is very accurate for repeatability.
Belt fed printers, not so much.


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What are some brands that I should contact that make a true flatbed in format size approximate 29x41 inches? I don't need a 4'x8' or anything like that.

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What about Profitability?
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