Heidelberg DI Quickmaster Bitmap Folder Connection Issue

I’m currently installing a StudioRIP at a customer with a new DI Output Driver we have had developed to output to the Heidelberg Quick master DI
Everything is working fantastically, sheet position, calibration, screening, etc etc. It took about 6 weeks to work out how to write the presstek image format and ink duct data file but now that feels like the easy bit!
When our customer bought their DI second hand no RIP or Platform was included and the supplier of the machine “dropped something off” so as they could output to it. This was just under a year ago. The platform was full of viruses and other content, which has caused all sorts of problems. Our customer also didn’t receive any set-up discs for the RIP Software, or Operating System and as far as I can see its obvious it’s on a DELL box but can’t see any licence sticker for the installed XP either so god only knows where it’s come from (maybe it was yours once!) The supplier of the equipment doesn’t know or support the RIP product, which I find odd but I’m not going to comment about that
and would appreciate it if no one else does. We all know how some second hand equipment suppliers conduct business these days.
Current OLD RIP configuration is:-
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
Machine name is “QM_RIP1.”
Workgroup is “MSHOME”
computer description is “QM_RIP”
IP address is
NETBEUI Protocol is installed on the NIC
Plugged via a CAT5E cable to a 100baseT Hub
Shared Output to the DI is “BITMAP” – with an “UNSKEWED” folder on C:\BITMAP\UNSKEWED\
There is also a folder call “00” in the “BITMAP” directory with a file called “00000000” and a text document called DTIS.TXT which has no data init
Permissions on the share seem ok but then with Home Edition who can tell, the DI connects simple as that….
User is “RIP” with no password (no other users listed)
Windows Firewall is on and Norton Antivirus is also running! (Not my choice)
When the DI is running you can see a connected user “QM_PRESS1” to the “BITMAP” share
As I have been carrying out the install ironing out bugs etc I have been writing my new image and ink data files into the folder “BITMAP” on the old PC over the network so as both RIPS are running at the same time, giving my customer the ability to use the older more familiar RIP if required but also test jobs through the new rip when they wanted to.
I replicated the above configuration to the letter on to the New RIP platform that is an HP XW Workstation with Windows XP Pro loaded. For some reason the DI doesn’t seem to show as a connected user or see my new “BITMAP” Shared folder.
The first problem after the RIP platforms where switch was when the DI Press was rebooted so we could see the new platform over the network, a blue screen that came up with a flashing cursor in the bottom left hand corner, also there was a flashing icon on console reporting “DI is having trouble connecting to peripheral equipment”. So switched back to the old RIP platform rebooted the press and everything is fine as before. I added the user “QM_PRESS1” to the new RIP platform, something I found in a presstek manual about the navigator and logged windows on as this user. Did the switch again, and re-booted the press. This time the press booted up to ready but still didn’t show any files that where in the shared “BITMAP” folder and there was no user “QM_PRESS1” connected to the new RIP platform in windows networking and shares. I have checked, double checked and TRIPPLE checked the configuration on the old platform/new platform, the UNC path on both the old and the new both activate on the current network as “Qm_rip1” when individually connected, I can ping the IP address, connect to the share on both as a mapped drive on the network even after doing the switch and also copy files in and out of the directory. Have installed the NETBEUI Protocol on the new RIP as per Microsoft KB as I couldn’t think of anything else.

The DI Reports F:/Unskewed – Source \\QM_RIP1\BITMAP as the current network connection to the old platform.
Any advise appreciated...can’t work out what to try next.... or if there is any documentation on how to configure the DI also greatly appreciated


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couple thing to try.

try a direct connection from the rip to the press and try a cross over cable instead. when I setup our xitron rip I had to add a second nic. buy an intel network card also try forcing the connection to 10Half

check the network properties has netbui turn on if you put in a new card.

also why is the subnet mask so wide I would put it back to this really should not matter with netbui and windows shares.

turn off windows firewall. if that works turn it back on and create an exception

make sure the old rip in completely disconected and off the network.

make sure file and printer sharing are turn on in the new computer. go throught the wizzard again if neccessary.

make sure the c:\bitmap and c:\bitmap\unskewed are shared. check from somewhere else on the network.

make sure the name of the new rip is qm_rip1 and the workgroup is mshome and you have a user qm_rip1

not qm_press

the name of the computer may have to be qm_rip instead. Maybe some one else will check there configuration against this

good luck
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