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I have question on Heidelberg. I am planning to buy SM 52. I am offered by my dealer SM52 HGES ( made from china fabrication). Has any1 knows or have experience on that machine. How is it Compared to sm52 made from Germany because the price is quite cheaper.
Actually I am thinking about other machine too (ryobi 524 ge)



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did not know they offered the assembled in china version out side of china. all parts are made in germany and shipped to china for assembly

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Thank you for the info.
If all of the parts are the same why pay more for someone in Germany to assembly. Could a Heidelberg buyer request the country were it is assembled? It would be easy to buy in China and then change the delivery location to any country in the world as it is being done now to Indonesia.

It is hard enough in business to stay in business. Now we have to deal with a two tier pricing structure. This is just plain WRONG.

Printers world wide if your are going to buy a Heidelberg ask for the Chinese price!!!!!
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I believe that the Heildelberg presses made in China are available to countries outside China.
From memory there has been a purchase and install here in Australia of a Chinese built Heildelberg press.
Significantly cheaper then the German built press, but if I recall right the press was a lower spec.
Will try dig the article out of one of the print magazines.


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THR all for the info,

@lukew, what do you mean by having a lower spec? Does it means has lower quality printing result ?


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The price is lower because cheap working labor but also i know that some part of machines are produced there ,so also the material is cheaper . Now from my experience (not with HD from China) i know that their material is not the same quality as European so this also have influence on price.

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