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Hi there. I don't know if I posted this in the right section. Please move if needed.
OK. There is a story behind and I'll try to keep it short.
I bought a wall printer that uses "synthesis" ink, how the manufacturer calls it, but I think it's eco-solvent. Anyway, this printer can print on walls, wood, glass (with coating first) and numerous vertical surfaces. What I found, sadly through a project for a customer, is that it can not print on low sheen wall paint or gloss paint. The ink is bleeding. It can be too much ink or it just doesn't soak the ink in so good like with matt water based paint. So the print was awful. I had to repaint the wall. Now I'm testing it on the same paint, painted boards at home.
I was thinking to change the ink to UV ink and to fit a led curing light just above the printhead to avoid issues like this. I can't imagine if it was a wall much larger than normal living room wall.
I'm not sure if it's going to work. Printer's got a dx7 printhead. I would change ciss and ink pipes to uv system, but I'm after a cheapest uv led light (even hand held) that can dry the ink. I just want to try if it works. If it does work, I would buy a proper curing system or air cooled led light. What can I use to cure the ink?
Is this even possible, too change to uv ink ? Is dx7 compatible with uv ink and what kind of problems I might have with the switching?
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Here's the image of my wall printer without uv light and the uv printer with water cooled curing system next to it.


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How long has the paint dried? When putting on vinyl you need to wait at least 4 weeks for the paint to gas off. If the dyne of the painted service is too low UV ink would just flake off.
After the paint has dried use some 1000 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface so your ink has somthing to bite into.
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Hi Joyce. Thanks for replying and for sandpaper tip. I will try that today on the painted board.Can someone help me with other questions please? Like should I use water based or solvent based dx7 printhead with uv ink? Since I have grey coloured printhead plate, I guess it is water based!? Or, am I wrong...What would be the cheapest option for uv ink curing? I just want to test the system when I switch to uv ink.
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joyce sanding made it worse. See the photo. Wherever a sandpaper went, I got darker spots.
Does anyone know if it's possible to just change the ink system to uv ink? Will it work?
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