Help with Konica Minolta c253


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I am having problems with the scan to email function on my Konica Minolta c253. It used to work, and then one day, it just quit working. We are a small church and we do not have a server. We have a wireless network, and the copier is hooked up to the network via an access point. I have access to the settings on the printer via the internet, and have ensured that the email address and password are correct. I have reset them, just to be sure. The error that I get is a "Server connection error". The IP address of the printer is within the range of IP addresses that we have in our network, the port settings match that of my email in Outlook, which I use without any problem. I am at a complete loss for what to do! Does anyone have any knowledge in this particular area?

Thanks so much!


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(Disclosure - I am the purchasing director for an independent Konica Minolta dealer.) You probably won't find the help you need with your office machine on this forum as it is for the Print4Pay community. If you can tell me where you are located, I can see if I know a local dealer for you to contact with your service issue. But, I am wondering if your maintenance contract with your local servicing dealer doesn't already cover this kind of help; did you contact them?

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