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Hi to you.
We have a annoying problem with our platesetter, we have a KODAK MAGNUS 800 that gives increasingly often this error:

The exposure failed. Rcon error: Error Code [01313] Focus error: Media out of range (Error code : 44300, Error categorie =07-fatal error, device cannot recover) Click Unload to automatically unload the plate from the drum. Restart the workstation selection.

All your suggestions on the cause of the problem will be become. Thank you in advance.

Angel Feliz

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wich plate brand and type are you using?
the problem might need an specialist to be solved .
You plate reflectivity parameter in the rhermal head must be checked.
​​​​​warning: laser lens must be cleaned before doing a Surface Reflectivity(SR) parameter check and adjustment for the media slot causing this issue.

You will need access to service shell to xheck the media slot affected.

Issually Having high media reflectivity will cause this issue.

If the ctp láser head is a TH2 disabling parameter AGC for the media slot also helps while finding a solution to the problem..

Hope that help to guide you to solve the problem.

If more assistance is required PM me.


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Angel Feliz, thank for the intervention
the plate that we use is of type "IPAGZA"
concerning the verification of the media slot affected, what is the command to type on the shell?
and for it's no problem what is the normal parameter of reflectivity of a plate ?

Angel Feliz

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usually the surface reflectivity is value that you get from the plate with the right command at service shell on a th2 after placing the right value the sum must be near 1200 a little bit less than that value and the lower error value the better, so is a combination of SUM and Error value range to setup a Media.

SR depend on media brand and type, you need some service specialist to help you out as other paramaters Also must be checked for imaged plate quality control.



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I don't remember the error we've had in the past. But sometimes there is a rainbow type pattern on the backside of the plate that can cause some issues in the Magnus. And if you can rotate the plate so the rainbow is NOT in the area of the sensors, that should help. Not sure if that is what is happening here or not, but thought I would offer some info.

Angel Feliz

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if media setup is correct and still getting the error , try to check the drum vacuum motor at the backside on the leftside of the ctp removing lowerback cover. if not enought suction is generated some times you get the out of focus error as the plate. Makes a bump by the rotation speed.Of the drum.

also Scott sugestión is a good idea to try.



At our M8, (early model), we had the same problem (plus various other focus problems) which were caused by the drum vacuum system. From what I found out at this time, there isn't any sensor for whether it works or doesn't. As Angel alreasy pointed out, open the lower back cover (there is no security switch) and look/hear whether the motor is running and/or if there are any unusual sizzling noises coming from the vacuum tubes.

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