Highwater Platinum 2218


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We are thinking about getting one of these systems as one has come up cheap - we are gonna be using it on our SM52.

Anyone had any problems with this system? or even used it?

What type of plates can we use on it?
I know it will do silver but I wanna use Photopolymer?

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Re: Highwater Platinum 2218

You need to ask yourself what type of work you are running, is you sm52 a four or five colour?

Pretty sure these are old machines and the lazer will no doubt die on you, make sure you get some warranty.

These are manual loading machines and if you are making < 100 plates a month you would be OK.

I dont think they will do photoploymer because of the laser intensity, someone correct me if I am wrong.

Bottom line, if you have a high turnover and need quicker plate making speed then dont even consider this device, if there is no warranty then definately dont consider it, if its costing you next to nothing and you can sell your plates for a good enough price until it dies (probably within a year) then go for it.

Other than that, go for a violet solution from heidelberg or ECRM, it might cost a bit more but will last a lot longer.

Also, the rip is important, make sure they are selling a 7+ harlequin version rip with it.

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Re: Highwater Platinum 2218


Thanks for the mention.


We offer the Prosetter 52 which supports both silver halide and Photopolymer. It is internal drum and has the option for internal punching of plates. Internal punching adds to the cost but will reduce makeready on press so it is more then worth the investment. I have spoken to several user that did not have punches but added later and they were ranting about the registration and time saved.

We also offer a Suprasetter A52 thermal solution.

Information can be found here:



Mark Tonkovich
Heidelberg USA
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Re: Highwater Platinum 2218

The biggest drawback to the machine is the silver violet plate. Very dirty processing. You will get a lot of sludge in clean up is essential for you to get good plates. The highwater works well and we have sold them over the years. It is manual similar to an anolgue plate exposure unit, you place the plate on the pinbar, close the cover, vacuum down and hit expose.

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