Holographic cover stock needed


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We have a customer who publishes comic books and has shown us a 12pt C2S stock that has a hologram on one side (laminated or foiled) and is coated on the other. We know that the stock can run through a BizHub,

We would love to get into this, even for short runs. The retail sources for similar stock seem to have it only up to Letter size. We need at least 11" x 14" (28cm x 35.5cm).

Does anyone know of sources for this?


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The company is Hazen.
Do you know of any special adjustments that might need to be made to run the holographed stock?

We have run some samples and we got a very light "dusting" of unfused toner on the top of stock after imaging.

We've been able to take the dust off by rubbing with a piece of microfibre.

Overall, the stuff seems pretty good aside from the bother of dusting.

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