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How can I make him quit again my never ending rant...


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Oh how I wish he would leave and not make me be nice about the his lack of concern for the product he produces and the lack of memory he has after a conversation the day before. I decided today to finally and really stop fixing his problems and letting the whole department be effected by him. Work sits in the prepress area for a week before he gets to a job with a due date on the day he starts working on it. PLates for pressman not being made the night before so they have work when they walk in the door before him and will now stand around waiting for them. He sucks and has no clue of how much he sucks at what he THINKS he knows.


see if I don't dope smack him tomorrow

feel a litle etter now thanks
Re: How can I make him quit again my never ending rant...

;) We all feel your pain. Glad to see you've made the migration LOGANBLADE. B-)

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