How would you tackle this VDP situation


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We have a situation where we have 100+ pdf booklets that we constantly print individually for orders. We would like to like to add an additional page to the outside and print the shipping label directly on the booklet to save time. The labels can be output from our system in a pdf format and have identifiers on them as a last check to make certain the correct label is being applied to the correct package/booklet.

Using Impose, Jobflow or maybe a script or?, how would you automatically match the label to the booklet, send it to command workstation and print everything at once? All data, booklet SKU, order no., tracking, etc is easily exported from our order management system in CSV (Excel, PDF, etc) format.

Thanks in advance!


If you have PitStop, it's an easy one. You can "overlay pdf" over the document in a variable way. So every single file passing through the flow would see the label placed onto the page. If you don't have this app, you can give it a try with the trial.
With PitStop Server alone, you would need a job ticket. With Switch and metadata module, it's easy to reconstruct a dynamic path to the label to be placed on the document.


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