HP Designjet 8000s Any Good????


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I have a chance to buy a used HP DesignJet 8000S. Does anybody have this printer? How easy are they to service? Reasonable cost of supplies?

Jack printer

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HP discontinued those printer about a year ago. They stooped making parts. Printheads are costly, and still available from Seiko (who actually made the machines) but there is no telling for how long. The printer itself is fairly reliable, but needs to print every day to keep the jets from clogging. The solvent tends to eat anything it comes in contact with, so check it out closely to make sure it has been well maintained. Changing printheads requires a special gapping tool, and a good bit of mechanical prowess. We never attempted to do one ourselves, and installed the cost runs around $3,000. Printheads run past the reccomended time, probably double, but if it has old ones in it, you won't want to pay much for the printer.

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