HP SmartStream Production Pro IN050 Print Server for Sale


The new HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server is a smart, high-performance, reliable print server for multiple HP Indigo digital presses. HP SmartStream Production Pro increases productivity with automated job routing and processing, professional processing of quality-sensitive jobs, floor tracking.

Maximize production with automatic processes.

HP SmartStream Production Pro is built for automation. Load balancing algorithms allow jobs to stream automatically across RIP processors and presses, and split jobs for the most efficient operation. It uses hot folders or JDF to submit files for high-volume workflows and can automatically set up processes for inline finishing.

High Variable Data Printing capabilities.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server’s unique variable data printing (VDP) framework assures optimized processing for variable data to produce personalized, one-to-one print communications. The server's management and automation abilities help you take advantage of profitable digital print applications such as web-to-print marketing collateral, personalized direct marketing, photo specialty products, and publications such as books, journals, and magazines.

Production queue simplifies management operations.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro queue provides a single interface to view status and manage jobs in production at any given point of time. Production managers can change a job’s priority in production, and set up job tickets for distinct workflows. By centralizing resources for production, HP SmartStream Production Pro helps minimize job management costs.

Advanced color management delivers exceptional quality.

The HP SmartStream Production Pro provides advanced color management tools to deliver unsurpassed, consistent color quality, including:

• ICC v.4 and device-link profile support, enabling site color characterization and workflow
• HP Professional PANTONE® emulation, providing great PANTONE® spot colors matching
• Support for PANTONE® PMS, as well as PANTONE® GoeTM–the new color system from PANTONE®
• Advanced half-toning
• Support for CMYK OVG
• Support for white ink

Easy scalability for growing businesses.

With a very flexible, high performance architecture, the HP SmartStream Production Pro scales to grow with your business. You can start with a base configuration and, as your workload increases, add storage capacity or RIP and press control power as needed.

HP SmartStream Production Pro also serves as a single point of management for multiple HP Indigo digital presses and features strong JDF connectivity.

HP SmartStream Production Pro–a powerful workflow component in the HP SmartStream family

HP SmartStream is a graphic arts portfolio of components that helps customers create production workflow solutions to meet a broad range of market segments and application needs. The HP SmartStream portfolio provides end-to-end workflow management, from job creation to fulfillment. When combining best-in-class HP SmartStream and partner components, the result is greater flexibility, with specific solutions to address key market segments that are customizable and scalable to your unique business needs.

HP Indigo digital presses supported

• HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press
• HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press
• HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press
• HP Indigo press 5500
• HP Indigo press 5000
• HP Indigo press ws4500
• HP Indigo press ws4050
• HP Indigo press 3500
• HP Indigo press 3050
• HP Indigo press w3250
• HP Indigo press w3200
• HP Indigo press 3000
• Indigo Ultrastream
• HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press
• HP Indigo press s2000

Input file formats

• Postscript 1,2,3,
• PDF 1.7
• PDF/VT (Including optimized PDF)
• PDF/x-1a: 2001
• PDF/X-1a:2003
• PDF /x-3:2002
• PDF/X-3:2003
• PDF / X-4
• TIFF 6
• Microsoft XPS 1.0 including HD photo assets
• DCS 2

Color and quality

• ICC version 4.0
• Device link profiles
• CMYK+3 spots
• CMYKOV + 1 spot
• PANTONE emulations
• Advanced half-toning

UI languages

• English
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• Russian
• Japanese
• Simplified Chinese
• Korean

Included Items

Software - HP SmartStream Production Pro IN050 Print Server runs on Windows 2008 Server 5 User with Media
Hardware - HP Proliant DL380 G6 Server
Interface Cable - HP Adapter Interface Cable
USB Dongle - SafeNet Sentinel

Shipping Worldwide

Interested buyers contact : prasanth272@gmail.com


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