HP Z6100ps CYAN drip, PDF printing issues


I am using an HP Z6100ps 42" using the built in RIP.

The first problem I have is cyan dripping on to the paper on the far end of the machine (away from the menu screen). Most of the time it ends up on the non image are of the work I am doing now, but it does occasionally make its way to the image ruining the print. This started day one on install, and the tech seemed to have it fixed right away. However, the problem has come back. I have aligned the printheads and cleaned the printheads. There is not much time on this machine at all. I replaced the printhead #7 that appeared faulty on the alignment printout, but the problem came back. I can continually clean the MK/C printheads and it will be okay for a while, then reoccur. I called the tech, but he hasn't got back to me yet. Any suggestions?

HP Everyday Photo Satin paper

The second issue I am having must have something to do with the PDF files I am sending. On some of them, part of the image is omitted with white blocks. Another issue I had was that the transparent background of a TIFF file which was placed in an InDesign document then exported as a PDF ends up printing like a 10% opacity screen over the background color. Any suggestions here? If I convert the PDFs to TIFFs they print fine, but it takes up valuable time.


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What about Profitability?
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