Hydraulic Paper Cutter Backgauge Scewed ????


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Hi Print Planet people.

We have a Duplo 490P Hydraulic Cutter .
The darn thing is cutting screwed.
I measured it and it is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters more on the right that the left.

Let me say that I have worked on our Triumph Cutters when they had this problem and it was very easy to get in there and fix.
We also have a Champion 305 - Challenge and this problem never happened in the 10 years we owned it.

So , I get in the back of it where the back gauge or back plate is and even after I loosen up the bolts on top ...
it wont let me move it / tilt it back to the correct direction.
Does anyone have some detailed instructions for me on how to fix this issue.

It has been making me crazy.



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Hi Sir:
Please proceed with this Steps:
There are three screws on top of the back gauge, the middle one is to fix the back gauge tight in place. The other two is to adjust the vertical angle of the front surface. The screw on each side of the back gauge controls the horizontal angle of the back gauge.

2)Adjusting the horizontal angle:
1. Loose the top middle screw first before adjusting the angle.
2. By unscrewing the left screw and screwing in the right screw, right side of the gauge will move forward.
3. By unscrewing the right screw and screwing in the left screw, left side of the gauge will move forward.
When you have finish adjusting the back gauge, make sure all the screws are tight in place, then screw the top middle screw tight too.

3) Adjusting the vertical angle:
1. Loose the middle screw first before adjusting the angle.
2. Screw down the front screw, the angle will go up.
3. Unscrew the front screw, the angle will go down.
4. When finish adjusting the angle, tighten the middle screw.

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