I want to buy Folder Gluer with Small Foot Print Any Brand


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Used or new? Where are you located?
If you are looking to buy used, I'd recomend calling used equipment companies like Boggs, PFS, etc (if you're in the US) to ask them to let you know if when they get one.
I frequently buy from Boggs, they have no folder gluer currently in their website. Will try PFS. Can you recommend other used equipment companies who specilaizes on folder gluer just need the simple folder gluer ones preperably with small foot print. Thanks.


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I am looking for Small Foot Print Folder Gluer like a Small Box Folder Gluer | Brandtjen & Kluge – Brandtjen & Kluge, LLC or a Compact - B & R Moll - Moll Brothers or something like that. Any brand will do. Basically I need is straight line folding and gluing of boxes.

Thank you in advance.
I may be able to assist. Please email me directly at printkingdom@outlook.com. If you can kindly forward the details so that I can show to our inventory person we can review what we have available.

Thank you

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