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What I am looking for is a way to put actual measurements on a file to print out. Things like width and height is all I really would need.

We do large print products for trade shows and we do get mock up and die lines from the clients.

It would be nice to have something with measurements on them so that when they get to finishing, they have a better idea of what the sizes of items are where the cuts need to go.

This helps a lot when we have to mill items on the CAD machine.

The clients can't always do this and I can do it, but it takes time for me to make them.

I found this online and was wondering if anyone has experience using it or can suggest anything else.


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Using two of the Ai plugs included in Esko's DeskPack Essentials, TrimBox/Media Box, and Dimensions (part of the BoostX plugin) you can select the dieline object in Ai, then set it as the TrimBox and apply the dimension lines which will automatically give you the dimensions. The dimension lines are very customizable. You can download a free trial. Mac or Windows.
See attached screenshot.


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Specctr makes a great Illy plug-in and the Lite version is FREE! They gray out the Pro features that you can activate by paying for them. Works like a champ - I've been using it for years. One caveat-on the free version, the plug-in adds the width of your stroke to the overall measurement - a small but significant issue when making precise measurements. The plug-in also puts all your dimensions on a separate layer making it easy to toggle them on and off.

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