Importance of online product designer tool?


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Hi all!
I am a part of a startup team, and we're trying to develop an e-commerce/w2p solution that would be a bit different than the usual ones.
So, to make a long story short, we're working on all-in-one e-commerce solution. Our focus is not just standard w2p, but specialized e-commerce with advanced product & price configuration and complete printshop workflow (from product presentation through product design to advanced customer and order management, print proofing, discounts, payments and shipping).
So far we know that most of systems out there have some kind of online builder/designer tool , and we're planning to have one eventually, but we'd like to know if that should be a priority at the moment... In other words: What's the actual importance of a tool for online product customization for an average print services provider? What everyone here thinks, will its absence be a dealbreaker?
Thank you all in advance!

Stephen Marsh

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In a B2B setting? Very important but not critical in the short term, it is an added bonus that may or may not have value to the printer, depending on their customers.

In a B2C setting? Critical.

Stephen Marsh


We have created such online Product Designer solution and have released it this year. But this Product Designer tool is for CS-Cart platform. Some of our clients said that after the add-on installation the conversion raised on around 20% on their online shops. So, it helps to get more profit.
You can set web to print product designer tool for B2B as well as B2C. Deisgn'N'Buy solution gives you a centralized platform to offer distinct services to your corporate customers. Whether you need private and branded storefronts for your corporate customers or niche business-to-consumer stores to drive new business, they covered it all. Using B2B storefronts feature, you can configure individual stores based on customer groups or individual corporate identities to give personalized user experience to your customers.
Hello, Print Service Providers, also known as print vendors, can use Brush Your Ideas tool to change their local print shop into a fully-fledged print marketing agency. We have wrote and awesome post for Why Commercial Printing Vendors Should Invest in Web-to-Print?

Brush your ideas will be launching soon with new design tool features, ERP solutions and web to print storefront solutions. The ERP solutions make B2B & B2C print vendors process very easy.

Check Brush Your Ideas for that.


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