InDesign CS3 overprint problem


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Hi All,
When we placed a text/pict box on top of an grayscale TIF/EPS image and then set that top box's fill/background to 50% opacity, it automatically knocks out the background image to a tint as well!!! This is only on screen but the actually opacity of the background image is still at 100%.

I toggle on/off overprint preview and make sure no trapping/overprint is set in attribute window... and even turning black overprint off in preference then restart Indy. Nothing works to fix this problem.

In Quark, a tinted color box doesn't affect the appearance on an b/w image beneath it. Am I missing something?

Please help. Thank you.


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Re: InDesign CS3 overprint problem

I think you may also need to set the top box opacity mode to "Darken"


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Re: InDesign CS3 overprint problem

If you want the type to overprint the image, choose Multiply.


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