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Before I ask my team to spend time creating this - does anyone know of a script that will take coated to uncoated?
Yes, I am aware there is a sweet EAL to do it after the fact in the pdf. Our procedure is to get it done in INDD.

Why do we do this? Because our digital press will attempt to emulate PMS XYZ with a coated set - causing major issues.
If we send over U - all is well.


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Do you want to change the color or just the "label" of a pdf? Just converting or assigning don´t help?


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Hi Kaiser,

If changing just the names of the colors will meet your needs, the following AppleScript should do the job:

tell application "Adobe InDesign 2021"
tell active document
set properties of swatch "Old Name of Swatch" to {model:spot, space:CMYK, name:"New Name of Swatch"}
end try
end tell

The caveat is that you would need a line of code for each PMS that needs changed and if the Pantones vary from file to file, the above script would need to be adapted accordingly.

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According to Adobe Extendscript API you can create an INDD script which calls for a swatch (one at a time in the list of the available) and then describe that swatch as having a colorspace.
The library of API calls is here: INDD Color API
Extendscript is a sub set of javascript specific to Adobe products.

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