Indesign Spontaneous Swatch Change


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I am researching an issue that popped up with a couple of files and want to get some expert input. I have two different files supplied by the customer that has a CMYK swatch with the build of 72,91,38,28. As far as I can see, there is nothing special with this swatch in either document.

We had a customer requested change to these files. Nothing to do with color. In both of these files, the color build "mysteriously" changed to build 76.078, 94.118, 38.824, 45.098 in both of the Indesign documents. Quite the color shift. The operator that did the changes says he did not change the color, has no clue how it changed, and can not recreate the issue.

I only know of two ways for a swatch to change. A script or opening the swatch and changing the colors. Are there other ways? Maybe keyboard shortcuts, or the eyedropper, anything? I don't want to think that the operator did it and is just denying it, but I can not reconcile this happening in two separate documents, to the same swatch color, without it being on purpose.
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I have seen this happen with corporate colours so it was noticed straight away because I was familiar with the CMYK breakdown. If you have your indesign set up to convert to profiles on opening and a client is using some random colour profile it can cause changes to the swatches.

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