Indigo 1050 - any user here?


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Greetings guys...

Is anyone here running an Indigo 1050 digital press? If so, can you tell með the ups and downs using and running that machine.

Im looking to use this machine mainly to produce businesscards in small and large quantity´s. To day i´m using the Xerox 250 and its woring good but I´m looking for a more offset look and feel to the product.

People tell me that the only sure bet is the Indigo 5000, and the 3050 and 1050 models are no good?

Can any Indigo user give me a heads up regarding this matter?




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Re: Indigo 1050 - any user here?

Hi Iceguy,

we had an Indigo 1050, before upgrading to a 5000. If you can stretch to a 3050 or 5000, go for it.

WHEN IT RUNS, the 1050 is capable of superb quality, BUT, be prepared for lots of maintenance, downtime and operator intervention to get decent quality. To sum up - a machine capable of superb quality, but lots of sweat, blood and tears required to achieve it.



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Re: Indigo 1050 - any user here?

Ice Man:
No question Indigo has the most offset look. Business cards might be dicey. Not sure the ink would survive the wallet test. Still issues with the ink sticking to the paper, and business cards are often requested on sexy designer stock which might be hard to get with the acrylic indigo kryptonite coating. Run some tests.
John Lind
Cranberry Township, PA


Re: Indigo 1050 - any user here?

We have been using a 1050 for the past 18 months and both seejay and John are correct, although "Superb Quality" is a strech. You can get jobs off the machine that you can sell but it is very operator intensive.

One thing I would add is that once you pick HP as your vendor of choice it is very difficult (read expensive) to change vendors. The equipment loses its value extremely vast as HP charges huge fees for operator training, re-certification of the machine and other charges that make private resell of their equipment prohibitive. You can of coarse trade up to another HP and I guess they treat you ok then but still be warned. Can't say if the other vendors treat hardware the same way but for someone who is used to offset hardware this will be a shocker if the time comes to toss HP aside.

Don't take this as a rant against HP, just stating my experience with the 1050 series press.


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