Indy CS2...changing links??

Anyone have an easy way to.
Lets say you have a 24up BC layout on 11x17 right.
The PDF file that was imposed was 5416_v1.pdf...
Then the customer makes changes, and your new file is 5416_v2.pdf

I want a way to globally change the link and it understand that all 24 cards / PDF files are the same.
Then updates all 24 at one shot...

Cory Smith

Well-known member
Re: Indy CS2...changing links??

I would move the original V1 file somewhere else, rename the V2 back to V1 and let indy update the file.
Re: Indy CS2...changing links??

Thank Cory...
Yes, I've done this. It's nice on the fly.
But my fear is workflow issues on re-orders, if the newest V# is not updated and the wrong v# gets used.

If our file folders are not well organized....I get real mad.

I heard CS3 has what I'm asking. Going to upgrade. I like that you can import mult-graphics too.

Cory Smith

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Re: Indy CS2...changing links??

yeah, it's not the best solution, but the only suitable one I have found so far...I will have to give CS3 a try tomorrow and see if it can do what you are after...I've installed it, but haven't had much time to check out new features yet.


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Re: Indy CS2...changing links??

When placing a link or updating a link, you can easily choose to check 'Update all occurrences of 'file name'', and it will do it.


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