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Hi all,

I’m looking for a solution to get the correct ink drive parameters to my offset from my CTF or CTP rips.
I heard about CIP3, but I don't have any idea about how it works?
and if there is any other choices?

thanks in advanced.


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There are a few things you need to have in place before you can send ink key settings to the press.

1.) The press has to be able to accept ink key information. Either from a disk, tape, or the Network.

2.) Your RIP/workflow needs to be able to create a CIP3 file.

After this point you should check with your Press vendor to find out what software you should use to convert the CIP3 file into a file the Press can use.

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Hi shaheed,

Do you have workflow system such as Rampage, Apogee, etc.? If so, check with the manufacturer of said workflow system. They should have a CIP3 option in their system.

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thank you all for your infromation.
I have Apogee workflow, but it not that last one it's PDF S3.
AGFA said that I need to upgrade my Rip to the last version + order for the CIP3 option.
it's coat too much more that 12000 euro.
thats whay I'm asking if there is any onther way cost less?

thanks again
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InkScript Solution

InkScript Solution

Hi, We have a solution that Call InkScript Family. It work with one bit tiff that created the Apogee or the PrintDrive. With the InkScript we could created: PDF Report with ink keys values, CIP3, CIP4 and JDF.

If you are interesting in found a good solution that could work with your workflow you could go to COMPOSE SYSTEM LIMITED and see our PressRoom Solution.

If you have a Press that accept CIP3 and a Press That have electronic console but don't accept CIP3/4, we have a solution that call InkScript Connect that allow you to connect your all console with the pre press and don't need to buy expensive upgrade.

If you RIP could create 1 bit Tiff we can created the CIP3 or if your RIP doesn't create the 1 Bit we could create the CIP3/4 from PDf input file.



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I have an Apogee PrintDrive S3 with InkDrive option I'm not using anymore. If you're interested, send me a PM.


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