Iridesse Problems

We are a community college, Harper college, and we are having the same issues you were having in this post. It is very disheartening, we were wondering with the new install did you see any improvements? We just got the press in June and it seems as though everything you have stated is happening to us as well. We have techs come out to fix the problem but then the problem returns after running 700-800 sheets. We are not sure what to do. Can you tell us what steps you take to get the Iridesse replaced? Or any advice?
Since my last post I have just shy of 1 million impressions on the replacement Iridesse. Its been a much better machine overall. The background noise is not noticeable anymore but I'm still dealing with some banding issues depending on what is running. As far as getting it replaced just keep putting in calls, work your way up the chain and make threads on here.

About the alignment, can you post a picture of the options you set? Because if you leave them at 1 instead of, say, 10, those sheet come out pretty blank, and that'll be quite different than if you set those two to 10 and run a high coverage job thereafter. More toner, more shrinkage.
The alignment problem ended up being something in the software, either on the machines side or on the fiery itself both were refreshed at the same time.

Well, that's a serious understatement. Sure, it looks the same, roughly speaking, from outside. But its way sharper for one thing. More consistent on solids. More matte. More more more. You gotta put it through its paces and then you'll see its value.
When its running right it really does print amazing, the images are something else. But when its got its problems like a lot of us have had its a nightmare.
Today I went to put away my supply order and I was missing the black toner. Called them up and the warehouse was out of stock. No notice or anything. Order was placed 1/16 and delivered 1/22 but I was away until today.


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Hi All,
I read all posts , i am xerox engineer and just want to share my expirence on iridesse. i had the same allignemnt issue after 500k prints. client was using mostly havey weight media and after replacment of pre aligner and alligner assy problem is gone. i did not face any alligment issue after that.

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