Is offline spot UV possible on anything less than 130gsm ?

So far all the options that I have looked at for offline spot UV the paper specs are 130gsm and up.
Are there any options out there for anything less (100-115gsm) ?

Or are there any technical limitations that simply make this impossible?
There are two reasons why people don't reply to posts in this forum.
Either nobody knows the answer to the question or the question is really dumb.

I hope it's not the second one but if it is please let me know so that I can stop making a fool of myself!

Al Ferrari

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Well, it maybe the second in a matter of speaking. Note that in your second post you give no information on what you have tried on your own since the first post some 12 days earlier. The forum works both ways.


Alois Senefelder

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UV Varnishing

UV Varnishing


The gsm of the substrate plays an important part !

BUT you should be able to spot varnish on substrate - 60 > 350 gsm grades

Just do a Trial

Regards, Alois


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No problem for offline UV spot varnishing and bellow 100 gr/cm2 . We have done that on our Tymi spot UV machinery from Taiwan.

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