Is the Canon IPF770 any good?


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Been putting off buying a wide format printer until we move to our new premises, but have been doing a bit of research over the past few days. I have decided on buying a Canon because the print heads are seperate to the cartridges and easier to change. They paper is also easier to load from what I've seen.

I've been looking at the IPF770 as our first toe in the water, as it's not too expensive, and the quality looks excellent (and it's a 36" printer, so can do roller banners on it). However, I've read that because it uses dye based inks, the prints only last a few months indoors before they start to fade and this has me worried a bit as obviously we need to buy a machine that will give customer satisfaction.

Has anyone got one of these cheaper Canon's that can comment on whether the prints actually do fade?

I've considered buying a used Canon pigment based printer instead, but I'm worried about paying a lot out for a lemon of a printer, and at least the IPF770 would be new and under warranty.

Anyone with input greatly appreciated :)


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Hi, Did you ever buy that machine? If so how do you like it?
I didn’t in the end, no. I instead went for a used Epson 9880.

I did really like some of the features of the Canon such as it barcoding the paper when you eject it so the printer automatically knew what you put in the printer, but for us, the biggest concern was the inks weren’t pigment ink so we’re only guaranteed to last a few months without fading.

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