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Anyone here doing JAR files Exported form XMF, for 'turn-the-page' proofing? On initial tests am finding about half recipients only, can open them.
Obviously there is/are Java elements missing on their systems, usually older MS, such as XP which has not been updated, but nobody seems to be able to explain to me exactly what I need to be advising customers to download/do, in order to view them.


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Thanks Luke. Yep, that's pretty much it. Interestingly, one Mac person who tested as a recipient just got a file listing, not the opened Java file. But when they un-compressed with Stuffit Expander instead, all was well. So presume, under some Mac conditions, using other un-compressing utilities may be problematic.

Out of interest, what %age of your customers like getting them? I'm having trouble getting our in-house people to "sell" them to our clients. TBH, I use them myself, to check crossovers, especially after PDF editing prior to loading into XMF. Once people get the hang of them, they're sold.

Actually, should explain the above Mac problem. I had loaded the file up to my acrobatdotcom account for email notification with download link. But acrobatdotcom wouldn't recognise the .jar file for upload. Had to .zip. So the above problem arose during unzipping, not actually trying to open the file.
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