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I am working on a variable data project to use JDF to drive printing, stapling and jogging/disjointing the output from a Ricoh sheet fed printer. The input PDF is a collection of documents that need to be individually stapled. The number of pages in a stapled document is very variable. In turn, a variable number of the stapled documents must be grouped into bundles to be shipped to various customer locations.

It looks like I can use the RunList to define the groups of pages to staple into documents. The difficulty I'm having is in figuring out how to specify the groups of stapled documents that constitute a location-specific bundle.

Any suggestions or JDF examples would be greatly appreciated!


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Can you elaborate on location specific bundle...

Do you wish to insert say a slip sheet between different specific bundles??


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For example, we print document sets that vary for different retail store locations. This is because the retailer's stores in one city may sell different assortments and quantities of merchandise than stores in another area. So when we run files for the whole chain there is a store-specific bundle for each store.

Slip sheets are one possibility, but the preferred method is to "jog" the bundles so that each store's stack is offset perhaps one inch from the previous one.


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not sure if it will do what you need, but i was reading something earlier today about 2printer - Print from Command Line with fCoder 2Printer Batch Printing Software
I've used print conductor, which is another product of there's, for several years and it's pretty decent.

another application you could consider is Batch Print Pro by Traction Software.

Batch Print Pro - Batch Printing Software - for all your batch print needs

That software can do all sorts. Get in touch with them and ask Lee if it's possible to do what you want using their software. He gave me some code to try out something complicated for one of my workflows.

They also have a plugin which allows you to select specific bookmarks within a PDF for printing with individual document settings per bookmark (e.g. print each bookmark as a separate document and staple).


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