Job won't rip from Mac OSX version 10.56


I'm printing from a new Mac running OSX version 10.56. This is a pretty simple job, printed out of Indesign CS3, and had one Photoshop tif placed in it, along with two Illustrator files placed. We keep getting the error: typecheck; offending command. Job rips fine printing from a Mac running OSX version 10.4.11. We're running Nexus 8.5 rev2. Would love any input...thanks!


I haven't had a problem like that, typecheck; offending command usually comes from the Illy files from what I've seen. But, it could also be something in the tif, is it layered? too many layers maybe, I have had some with too many alpha channels too.


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"typecheck; offending command" is one of those almost meaningless catch-all messages in the Postscript world which is about as helpful as simply saying "broke".

Unless you have access to some pre-flight or error-checking software other than just the RIP, you're best bet is probably removing one element at a time to narrow down what it's not happy with, then picking that one element apart.

Good luck .... these can be very, VERY frustrating and time-consuming.



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Typecheck errors are due to a corrupt font.

Sometimes, you can open the Distiller log file and somewhere in there, it names the corrupt font.

Try resaving the Illustrator graphics, it may clear up the problem, as the newer versions of Illustrator embed the fonts in the graphic, and this will cause it to re-embed.

If the graphic contains several fonts, you could replace those fonts one at a time with a known good one until the job RIPs. The last one to be replaced would be the bad one.

As a last resort, you can convert type to outlines, but this alters the weight of the type…fattens it up, as if it were spreading.

Good luck,


Thanks for the input guys. Unfortunately, it's not a lot of help because there were no fonts on this job at all. The illustrator files were just an illustration, no type whatsoever. Thanks anyway, we're still working on it so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to keep replying.


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Thanks for the input guys. Unfortunately, it's not a lot of help because there were no fonts on this job at all.
Someone could have "clicked" somewhere with the font tool.

In the Illustrator file, try ->select->object->stray points and see if anything comes up. If so, delete (this may change the xy coordinate placement of your .ai file).

Or "select all" with the fonts palette open and see if the font changes.

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