KBA 105 Rapida with CIPLinkX


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We recently purchased a used KBA 105 Rapida press that has the CIPLINK-X software for processing CIP files. We output CIP files from Prinergy and I have pretty well matched the CIP files that were still on the system from where it was installed. The problem we are having is that we don't know how to get the CIP link data at the press console. I'm a prepress person and have no knowledge of the press. What I do know is we have the CIP3 server that is running Windows 2000. At the press is a unit called the Densitronic I think. I understand it used to scan a press sheet for something. It also has a PC running Windows 2000. The computer at the press console is running IBM OS/2 Warp. Not sure of the version of that. What I would like to have is some documentation for CIPLINKX software from creating the CIP to processing them at the press console or if anyone can explain the process of how the press console gets the data from the CIP files on the CIP Server PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have the knowledge or the documentation you could share.


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Thank you for the reply. Those appear to be manuals for something called InkZone which I don't think is what we have.

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