Kluge & Unibind products debuting at drupa


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Kluge–Folding, gluing, laser cutting, foil stamping, die cutting and UV coating advances from Kluge at drupa
- Folding & Gluing: New modular OmniFold 3000, featuring: synchronized touch-screen controls, interchangeable feeding units, modular alignment, modular pre-break device, interchangeable bearing bed transports and interchangeable vacuum transports.
- Laser Cutting: Along with partner LasX will be showcasing laser converting technology with the world premiere of CartonsInMinutes[SUP]®[/SUP] solution for folding cartons and other products.
- Foil Stamping: New patent pending TRU-DWELL[SUP]â„¢[/SUP] adjustable dwell system that eliminates traditional make-ready and changeover requirements.
- UV Coating: New OmniCoat UV roller coaters for production digital and wide format roller coating.
- New LED UV[SUP]â„¢ [/SUP]curing system for production digital coating systems.
Demonstrated at drupa, booth D22, Hall 11. http://kluge.biz/event/drupa-print-media-fair/

Unibind–Worldwide debut of the UniCover System, the digital UniFoilPrinter, UniPaper, Unibind personalization systems and more
- UniPaper: is a new, treated paper offered in both 120 gms smooth (white), or 160 gms smooth (white). UniPaper, bound documents lay flat for easy viewing.
- UniCover System: A built-in crimper allows users to professionally bind materials by creating a precise fit around the documents. The UniCover System is compatible with existing stock covers, making the switch to the new system seamless.
- UniFoilPrinter–Foil Stamping Machine: A digital printer that can be used to replace, or complement, the traditional foil stamping process. A software package is included for producing eye-catching books and prints. The Printer can print text, drawings and logos directly on flat, smooth, semi-smooth and coated surfaces, without a die. Hall 5, D41. Visit: www.unibind.com/drupa .

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What about Profitability?
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