KM 6501 question


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Hi All...

We have had a 6501 for about 3 months now and its a great machine barring one issue that keeps popping up...

About once a week, we start to get a thin line running down the sheet like it has been scratched... The only way to fix it is for the techs to come out and vacuum out the machine (they say its just a spec of toner or dust on the corona or something)...

The problem is it is a real show-stopper as we can't fix it ourselves and it just seems like such a trivial thing that grinds our machine to a halt all the time...

Is there some way we can fix it ourselves without having to wait 4 hours for the techs to come out ???


the reason your getting lines is because the fibers from the toner dust filter is flying around the process unit and hanging between the developer and the metal frame and its blocking the laser beam to the drum unit. best thing is to make sure the filter is clear of hair fibers being loose.


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Is there some way we can fix it ourselves without having to wait 4 hours for the techs to come out ???

Your tech can (and should) show you how to clean this. If you clean the lens that the laser passes through and the channel in front of the drum where the light passes through, you will almost always remove this issue. Make sure they are comfortable with the person who is going to do the cleaning, as they don't want to take a chance that your operator will scratch the drum. But it is silly to have to wait for a tech and have down time for this issue.


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