KM Launches C7100 AccurioPress Series


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Konica Minolta has introduced the AccurioPress C7100 series, digital color presses. Targeting a wide range of customers & jobs–featuring advanced technologies—additional features include:
  • Choice of different controller front ends from EFI, CREO and KM.
  • C7100 runs at 100 ppm & the C7090 at 90ppm.
  • Fast melting, energy efficient Simitri-V toner, reproduces on a wide range of media—up to 400 g/m2—and the flexibility to handle embossed & textured media.
  • Output resolution of 3,600 dpi equivalent x 2,400 dpi.
  • Intelligent Automation: the optional Intelligent Media Sensor IM-101 instantly detects stock being used.
  • Optional IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Care Unit ensures consistent color quality & front-to-back registration.
  • Enhanced Finishing—a wide range of finishing & other functions are offered, in addition to booklet-making, stapling, perfect binding and wire binding.
    • The TU-510 Inline Cutting Finisher—4-edge trimmer & creaser—produces full-bleed finishing for long sheets, booklets, direct mail and dedicated business cards.
  • Built-in technologies include:
    • Durable lubricated drum,
    • Double corona wires with automatic cleaning,
    • Optimized paper transport,
    • Double swing registration system for improved paper compatibility & feeding.
To learn more about the AccurioPress C7100, visit Konica Minolta


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Was thinking that's gonna cause great confusion on future threads comparing to ricoh machines.

Makes you wonder how it doesn't come to copyright/trademark infringement?

Be interested in its texture capabilities, always a tough one for digital machines. Would like to see improvements in that area.


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Anyone have one of these or 7090 yet? Is this platform a downgrade from a 6085 (what we have, but the lease is almost up)? On paper it looks improved but wasn’t sure if I’m missing some gotcha.
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