KM Pro951 PS Driver - 'Stamp' tab


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I'm looking at numbering several thousand of a single page PDF B/W form.
We have the KM Pro951 with 1250/1052 PS driver (v.5.0.663)
Whilst I can do this in Indesign and give the machine a 3,000 page PDF, I'm exploring the potentially much simpler way of adding numbering within the post script driver.

As per the attached PDF, I can print a 4-digit sequential number to the top right, however this screen gives no control over position or font size.
However looking at the comparable tab in the Pro-1100 manual, this shows additional options of font size and (limited) position control.

Does anyone know if:
  • there is additional control buried elsewhere within the 1250/1052 driver to manipulate the font size, position and possibly other variables?
  • if not, any potential downsides to installing the 1100 driver and running with that?
I've attached the screenshots of the 'Stamp' tab in both our driver and the 1100 driver.


  • Pro951 Stamp tab.JPG
    Pro951 Stamp tab.JPG
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  • Pro1100 Stamp tab.JPG
    Pro1100 Stamp tab.JPG
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  • Pro 951 STAMP 200421.pdf
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Unfortunately the Pro 951 and 1250 are from the same generation that had very little control for this function. The Pro 1100 and 6120/6136 series added much more control, even beyond what you see in the print driver. Once you select a general area (i.e. - Upper right or upper left) and send it to the printer, you then have fine tuning controls at the monitor on the printer where you can move it any direction by 1mm at a time. This doesn't really help in your situation, but just FYI.

I suggest using InDesign or whatever other VDP solution you have. Since you said you have several thousand, I find it best to break it into groups of 500 at a time so it doesn't error out/freeze while generating the file or ripping it to the printer. If you do alot of VDP, a really nice plug-in for InDesign is Design Merge by Meadows Publishing. Konica also sells this software under the rebranded name of "EngageIT VDP".


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Thanks as always @jwheeler
I'll probably run the job on the C4080 as it has similar 'stamp' options to the 1100.
Although I can't see where you make the fine tuning mm-adjustments?
We have the IC-419 KM internal controller in its basic form.


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Although I can't see where you make the fine tuning mm-adjustments?
Send the job to the hold queue. You can do this by selecting "Hold" under "workflow" in the PS print driver. At the machine panel, select "Job List" at the top of the screen. Go to the hold queue, highlight the job, the select "Job Ticket Edit" near the bottom right. In the next window, click on the "1of3" arrow in the bottom of the left column. You'll see the "Stamp Numbering" button half way down the list, and the "Fine Adjustment" is within that window.

See screen shot below

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