Kodak 240p, Type 1

Bob Hill

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I'm curious if anyone has the LAB values for this media (Kodak 240p, Type 1), and if so, would you mind to post them or send them to me privately?

Stephen Marsh

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This is Kodak's premium T1/C1 proofing media, capable of meeting international colour standards without the need for simulating a background tint paper colour.

The Kodak T1SM240P Fogra certified proofing media white-point when measured with an uncut/non-uv filtered i1 reads as:
L*96 a*0.3 b*-2.7 (approx.)

When measured with an uncut inline SpectroProofer on an Epson 9900:
L*95.8 a*-0.5 b*-1.8 (approx.)

Note the "low" negative b* value, I use this as an unscientific, personal guide to low OBA content.

I will edit the post and add ColorMunki readings for comparison, which are UV cut/filtered.

Edit: ColorMunki UV Filtered readings:
L*95.8 a*-0.6 b*-0.2 (approx.)

Hope this helps,

Stephen Marsh
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