Kodak Nexpress and Xerox Igen info needed


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10 mil poly paper is being printed as a sales sample brochure on both types of presses. Having issues with ink blobs and poor print qualities on a good percentage of the stock being run. I would say its about 20% to 25% poor quality when the 500 sheets are getting looked at in QC process.

The presses were used at 2 separate printers.

Not having a lot of history with 10 mil poly ( i know there is static), is this common issues to occur?

Seems when the brochures are getting spiral bound, the handling causes a lot of scratches on the black solid areas as well


We have a Nexpress and the printing of poly stocks is definitely a weakness. If the stock is not RIT certified, Kodak will be of little assistance. If the stock is RIT certified for the NP, I would check with the stock manufacturer and/or Kodak to see if they have any suggestions as to a starting point for your settings.

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