Kodak XPO 3.2.41 "error number -1 ocurred"



I am working with a Creo Lotem quantum 800 II which had a failing hard drive recently.

I've replaced the hard drive and loaded the media definitions we worked with usually, but now whenever I send a plate; XPO (version 3.2.41) spits out the really so helpful error -1 (for which I have found 0 references to in the help.)

Nothing other than the hard drive for the lotem was changed, the machine which runs Xpo has not had any changes made to it, I have even tried sending a different size job than what media is loaded onto the Lotem's Cassette yet it spits out the same "error number -1"

Any one has encountered this?

Thank you in advance.


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Well I called Viprofix and they were able to help me (Thank you again Peter)

For those that might encounter this error in the future: Nuke and reinstall, apparently something was going bad with the hard drive and the fastest solution was to reinstall OS and applications.

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