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We are having an issue with the Coating Unit on our Komori 526X and are looking for an experienced Electrician to diagnose and repair. We have been told by Komori that they do not come out to diagnose electrical issues????

Issue: Servo motor is overheating which we feel may be caused by the drive board. We will take any suggestion or advice. We are located in the Philadelphia Pa area.

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Isn't diagnosing the problem always a prelude to doing a repair? Komori are really letting you down and being a Komori user myself I dont think they are acting very professional. Is there any other reason why they wont come out to your press to look at the issue? There are a few independent service people out there who might be able to help, can you contact another Komori user close by and see if they have anyone.
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Ted Esposito is a press electrician in the NY/NJ area. I'm sure he'd come down to Philly. He works mainly on Komoris.



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I am surpised my self that Komori will not come out. I have a press that has had numerous problems and Komori has gone above and beyond to get it right. This is the west coast service team, but shold not make a difference.


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A few suggestions to try, drive board is most likely a Fuji Electric FRK?????, it drives a 3 phase motor with an encoder on it. there should be a few little red LED lights on it, when the motor tripped off on error, the LED lights should tell you why by lighting certain lights, there will be a legend right on the drive unit.

Some of the codes are:
UV = under voltage
OV = over voltage
ET = encoder trouble
OL or OC = overload (too many amps)
OS & US = over and under speed

If the error is OL, it means that the motor is pulling too many amps due to many possible reasons, some of which may be mechanical issues, such as bad roller bearings or bearings with dried coating in them, coating in the gear train, worn gears on the end of the rollers.....

Check the coater drive clutches as well, there are 2 clutches for the standard 3 roll Komori coater. one clutch turns the rollers when the press moves mechanically, the other clutch is geared to the motor and turns the rollers via the motor running.

With the coating motor off, If you can INCH the press and at any time the applying roller does not turn then the clutch between the blanket cylinder gear and the applying roller has a problem. Also with the press OFF and the coating motor OFF you should be able to spin the applying roller by hand freely in one direction and not the other.

Similarly with the press stopped, anytime you start the coating motor and the rollers do not turn is an indication of a problem with the motor clutch.

Hope you get it fixed. Forgive me if my info is a little off I did it from memory my Komori tech documents are not handy as I don't use them anymore.
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Komori service has always been good to me

Komori service has always been good to me

I find that hard to believe that Komori service themselves said that they would not come out to diagnose an electrical problem, They have a service dept., that's what they do.
As a Komori user myself, I have personally had them out to diagnose an electrical issue,
so I am not sure who was spoken to but I would definately call them back and talk to the
service coordinator and schedule a service call to get this issue resolved.


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Please contact Tony Stahl at Komori America, Inc 847 545-4010
National Technical Group Electrical

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