Lamination cleaning rollers and Ezy taper any good?


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Hi there.

Two issues here, (I'm being lazy any not posting in seperate posts)

1/ I have a small hot laminator. I stupidly left on (hot) with top roller in contact with the film. Now I can't clean the dried adhesive off. I have tried Meths, Kerosene and turps. Both with the machine hot and cold.
I haven't tried is Alcohol. worth a try?. Is it worth purchasing one of the specialise cleaning blocks ?. I obviously need to be careful not to damage the rollers. Any thoughts?

2/ Completely seperate question. Recently purchase a second hand large "Ezy Taper" (this is a large format manual cold laminator and mounter) I have had mixed results so far. Mounting doesn't seem to be to much of an issue.
Laminating is a different story. I'm just trying to work out is it me or the machine. Not to help I'm getting very mixed feed back from out there. Some people in the signage industry say you are never going to get good consistent results from a manual machine, others say the exact opposite. I realise a lot comes down to the condition of the rollers. (they seem ok). I'd be interested to here of any ones experience with this same machine.

Your thoughts/input is appreciated. thanks Simon


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For the hot lam get an adhesive eraser xyron makes a cheap one and a lot is elbow grease will clean it right up. Let it warm up a little but not hot will also help. A rag and solvent also does it but a lot more work.


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thanks Sidney. Not sure if available here! (New Zealand) but will look into it. ta Simon

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