Large Format Inkjet Recommendation?


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Hello to all and thanks in advance. One of my new print products is a book, which I can happily print on my digital press. But I need to print a dust jacket. The dimensions of the book are such that I can't print the dust jacket on my digital press. The book is a large coffee table book and I didn't want to limit the dimensions based on whether I could print the dust jacket.

I was pondering ordering expensive offset printing online for the dust jacket, then I realized - maybe - I can do this on a large format inkjet.

Can anybody recommend large format printers as follows?

-Under $2K, even better under $1K.
-Speed isn't very important.
-The dust jacket dimensions will be about 14.5 x 30 inches. So the printer needs to be able to accommodate this size.
-I see that many printers support large format on rolls, not large cut sheets. This can be ok if there are rolls appropriate for a dust jacket, e.g. an 80# or 100# gloss text stock, not a 20# stock.
-Full Bleed: If I print something that's 14.5 x 30 inches, I can't effectively trim excess along the 30 inch length. My shop is full of cutters but nothing that cuts 30 inches. So can such an inkjet print with an actual full bleed on the size paper I need? I believe this is also called borderless.

Even something like ink costs has to be secondary to the above specs. Having the ability to control this process and do all the trial and error I need is worth a slightly more expensive cost per sheet.

Thanks again!

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