Leopard Upgrade


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Hello all, anyone upgraded yet?, i just received my upgrade disc and was wondering if anyone has had any problems, i have read a few horror stories on the web, I am not interested in using it for production at work any time soon but i would like to try at home just to see all the bells and whistles and stability.


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Re: Leopard Upgrade

I've done it. I did a fresh install. No problems at all with Leopard but some 3rd party apps are a little flaky as they aren't Leopard compatible yet.


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Re: Leopard Upgrade

I would suggest you wait until most of 3rd party softwares catches up with Leopard release. It's not just Adobe playing catch up but it looks like this new OS still has some bugs that Apple didn't fully resolved. While the improved interface is nice, I watched my brother struggle to get Parallel and a number of other 3rd party program to run correctly.
Re: Leopard Upgrade

We upgraded because of Time Machine - now I'm wishing I could go back in time and uninstall this thing

CS2 is constantly crashing on me, InD is the worst, we're talking dozens of times a day.

Distiller +sometimes+ won't even create a PDF from my ps

Its just all so randomly blowing up...I feel like Im stuck in some horrible time warp and my mac has transformed in to....a windows pc!!!

Besides that, nice os :)

hmm, Adobe is not releasing updates to support Leopard for anything beyond CS3, is that normal procedure with something like this? Was going to upgrade my home mac but I only run CS and couldn't possibly imagine fighting with my precious imac.

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Re: Leopard Upgrade

Hopefull, you have your old system cloned so that you can restore to
your "pre-Leopard" system?
What type of install did you preform, Upgrade, Archive and Install,
or Clean install?
If you have a clone of your system you can try one of the other
installation methods to see if it goes any
smoother than it appears to have gone for you to this point. This is
why I have waited, bought Leopard right away, but
still watching/learning the best way to proceed.
Best of Luck

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Re: Leopard Upgrade

I have install it and it works good for me. Although, make sure you have the latest version bug fixes, 10.5.3 was a nightmare. 10.5.4 fixed it though, I think Leopard will run better on a intel machine tho but I have it on a G5 dual PPC.


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Im working in a Kodak Prinergy using the Magnus, Nexpress S2500, Pandora and Preps 5.3.

We installed Leapord in two stations and both cannot work from Prinergy directly into Pandora or Preps. We now found out we have to intall/update Prinergy to 4.0.3, in order to make these two work. So that so far is the only drawbacks.

Any other issues out there please post.

Thank you,


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