less-expensive solvent tolerant printers


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New to the forum, please excuse dumb mistakes but corrections welcome.

We're doing some research which involves printing chemicals soluable in toluene.
As a result, we need a solvent-tolerant ink-path. solvent-tolerable being distinct from the eco-solvent type inks.
We would also prefer piezographic-based print-head technology, as some of the chemicals are temperature sensitive.
The least expensive Epson which can print solvent-tolerant inks is the SureColor S40600, ~$16K.
Does anyone know of any less-expensive options?


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Epson requires cryptographic handshakes with the cartridge chips for the ink carts to operate, and they design their ink systems for extremely small pigment particles and droplets for both quality and to make 3rd party ink challenging or impossible. Get a used Mutoh solvent printer since they don't have chipped ink carts and can be easy to work on. Solventinkjet.com and boggs equipment are trustworthy sources. Signs101.com is a resource for wide format printing questions.

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What about Profitability?
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