Letterpress genius sought


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Our thriving trade print shop is losing a letterpressman who is quite talented at foiling and embossing on our Kluges. (Only trade shop between Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona. GCC union. More than 10 employees.)

He’s getting old and he just doesn’t want to drop dead at the feed table. Understandable.

Do you know of anyone (yourself?) who would be willing to impart his/her wisdom to our crew? Perhaps even turn it into a (shudder!) job.

The person involved would likely ("have to” or “get to”) come to warm-in-the-winter/hellacious-in-the-summer Southern Arizona at least during the time of the project. Perfect for ol' folks who hate snow (maybe 1 snow every 2 years) and love air-conditioning during summers. If you like beautiful deserts, this may be your paradise.

Our letterpress department is about 99.2% diecutting, foiling, and embossing, with the occasional crash numbering job on our Windmill just to challenge press operators to believe that “real printing" is not dead. (We also have a litho department (QM's to 40" Komori), and bindery (usual stuff and PUR softcover binding and Müller-Martini booklet stitchers).)

Start a conversation if you're interested.
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I know a press operator who is about to retire to Vegas in January. His shop doesn't do a lot of foil, but he has decades of experience with presses and bindery equipment, and solid soft skills (teamwork, communication, good attitude). If you PM me your contact info, I can pass it on to him.
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If you've got an interested employee, I offer operator training! I've been running Kluges for 40ish years, now I'm repairing and training operators around the country. Based in Sacramento with plenty of references.


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