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I recently purchased a Graphics Whizard 8000 for primarily perfing and numbering. So far all such jobs have been short run. Now I am getting runs of up to 150,000 sheets, 5.5"x5.5", 2 U,p with same number below and above perf (tickets) and the 8000 is simply not robust enough for this (ink pads expensive and do not last very long at all).
Requesting feedback on whether a Heidelberg Windmill would be an option for numbering long runs....or are there other equipment out there that may be an option? Appreciate feedback, thanks


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I would be better if you could do it 4 up but. but a heidelberg ks will run 2 x 2up sheets and the same time. as long as it has the 2 up kit. it will register each sheet and can number and perf/score. depending on paper should run at 2500 to 3500 per hour


Thanks, 4 UP should not be a problem either. A Heidelberg KS - have not heard of this but I will do a web search to learn more. Any hints on on other search terms for the KS?


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The only problem to watch for on long numbering jobs is one head skipping, and the numbers being off. I used to run a job with many of the same number, and occasionally a head will get off, and if you don't catch it foul the whole job. I now number that job digitally.


A rotary numbering system would be a better choice for runs of this length. They are more versatile than a impact-style numbering machine like the Graphic Wizard and much faster. With a rotary numbering machine you could number your tickets 4 up or 8 up or however many will fit on the sheet and comfortably run 6000-7000 sheets an hour. We have a Pierce PS-10 and are very happy with it. Standard Horizon also has a rotary numbering system, although a fellow printer I know who owns both machines once said he preferred the Pierce but I have forgotten exactly why.
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the heidelberg ks cylinder press is a 15x20 cylinder press. great register. gto style feeder. will run easy for just about everyone. load it with a stack of paper and go. much better than a windmill. they made it in other sizes too. ksb = 15x22 ksba17x22 ksd = 18x24
ks and ksba most common. you will need plunger and shaft type numbering machines for it

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For this I would prefer to use a Heidelberg GTO and do this as dry run number and perforation job (in one pass). If the tickets were a single colour you could print/number&perf in one run. If it is a full colour then you can do this on a GTO four colour if you have access to one.. or on a two colour version if this is two colours etc..

Like the other chaps, watch the numbers like a hawk! as if they dont turn over correctly even for one sheet then the rest that follow will be out. If the boxes are well maintained then this is highly unlikely. But its the old story, turn your back for five seconds and that is when it will strike, such is the fun of being a printer.


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I would agree that the rotary numbering system on the PS-10 would probably work great for you. As well as the PS-10 we also have an inkjet solution (Our NumberJet system) that we use for long run numbering that is time sensitive in nature as well, as it can print at 20,000-30,000 per hour. Numbers, Barcodes, Variable Data. We've had some shops replace 4 plus windmills with 1 of our machines and cut down time and labor. It just depends on having the jobs to do it. Ballot work or ticket work is what a lot of these systems end up doing.

This link will take you to info on the PS-10 and our InkJet Numbering Systems:

Count Machinery Co. Machines Page
There is another possible solution that has not been mentioned. That solution is to print both sides of a sheet, perforate and number on one machine in one pass. A miniweb web press might be a solution. For just one job. It is not the answer. If there is lots of work with the requirements you describe, this solution might be very profitable. A miniweb does have some limitations. However, if the work fits, it is hard to beat a small web.
This is just a thought. Where are you located? There might be a trade printer in your area that could help. Do not hesitate to contact me if I can help.

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