looking advice for affordable digital label printing machine


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Hi everybody,

We are looking to buy an inkjet digital label printing machine, we are new in label printing so we need your advice for making good choice.

We need machine that can print on untreated substrate (normal material used on every machine). Also we think that white color is essential for translucide label printing. No toner based machine, we think that inkjet is the future.

As beginner, we have budget around 50000$. is that suffisent to have good machine?

Any help will be welcome.



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I also specialize in a printing industry. Right from the start, we started producing our digital labels with the OKI Pro1040. Perhaps it will suit you too. The cost was around 10000$.
I'm selling my OKI label equipment. Everything you need to start printing your labels. I have a brochure, video and pics if you want to see it. I'm upgrading and need the space.


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