Looking for a very simple web2print.. mostly just a form and shopping cart.


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Hello. I am Ricardo, programming beginner working on a printing company's website.. or intermediary for that matter.

what i seek is relatively simple, but i am in a tight schedule that i cannot afford to test out everything.. that is why i come here, to look for some direction.

i need a form for each product (business cards, flyers, stickers). this form's options will update the price accordingly with each selection(amount, style, type). they will also have the choice to upload their files. when finished they can checkout or add to cart and continue shopping. this is it. i will receive an email or a notification on the backend, to then verify and send to my vendor.

i am looking for a do-it-yourself option or tutorial, but if there is an affordable software already set for this, i will take it into consideration too.


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We have exactly what you are looking for - it is called MyOrderDesk.

Our company is called PagePath Technologies - we have been creating software solutions for over 25 years for the printing industry.

Please call me at 630-689-4115 when you have a minute - you can see more about us at Welcome to PagePath, Makers of MyOrderDesk - e-business for the rest of us - our demo site is PrintVia (MyOrderDesk Demo Site)

I look forward to helping you.

Jim Dummer
PagePath Technologies


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TribalSketch has everything that you have asked for and is very inexpensive!


David Lewis


Checkout the Ultimate Guide Online

Checkout the Ultimate Guide Online

Hi Ricardo,

Definitely checkout PagePath. The simplicity and entry-level pricing model may be a good fit.

You might want to take a look at a few other solutions as well. To keep it simple and inexpensive it sounds like a hosted solution may be best. Four51, NowDocs NowPrint ASAP, Pressero, and PrintNow are just a few that come to mind. Of course, there are others out there as well. Any of the W2P solutions on the market will support the simple functionality you request. You may want to consider any future development and look at simple solutions that allow you to scale up in the future if needed.

You can compare all of the solutions I mentioned above (and more) at Ultimate Guide Online :: Presented by InfoTrends. Registration is free and InfoTrends provides third-party product descriptions and a 'consumer reports' style side-by-side product comparison.

Best of luck,



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thank you.

thank you.

thank you all for your replies. Adam, thanks for the variety of options :)

happy new year to all of you.


check out B2CPRINT.COM, the most affordable and "plug & play" solution i have seen!!
we are using it for 6 months allready and they allready did 100's of websites you can check out!

good luck

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Check out zetaprints.com

Check out zetaprints.com

I would check out zetaprints.com for what your looking for.

I have been using them to satisfy my web to print needs.

Lets face it 90% of our clients aren't savvy enough to design their own cards that is why we are in business.

I use zeta prints to handle my clients such as car dealerships, real estate offices, and any large corporate accounts with high turnover.

I simply design the standard template for the company and have a form that they can customize information with.

It can be as extensive as you need or as minimal as simply a cell phone number and name change.

Also, its a pay as you go pricing structure. You only pay when you get orders.

Which, when your having a slow month can really come in handy. Why pay hundreds of dollars a month for software that may not even get used every month.


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(Sorry guys I know this isn’t marketing platform but I got to response on this one to take stand )

I agree end users can not create business card online them self. System has to be designed smartly so with minimum input they can see best possible option.

More easily they see options better chances of their making decision.

onPrintShop indeed understand online buying behaviour for Print products well & we have system called SmartPreview which is form based system.

Once customer fills in data on our site customer can see different templates with his data without refreshing the page. Customer can click on template tab and select different template heaving completely different design.

Try you Self URL:

Business Card

Our customers pays us only one fix monthly fees and we provide online e-commerce site, CMS, ordering system, 100+ Downloadable Template (PSD,CDR,AI for different sizes with bleed & margin) and 1000 Online designing templates.

90% of customers who has seen Admin Interface our solution online has brought system either SaaS monthly priced or Licensed buy once solution from onPrintShop.

For print business we provide Fully Managed service, well beyond Template system.

Dharmesh Acharya
Yes I would suggest OnlinePrintSolution.co.uk, they seem to be one of the few to offer a service that can be broken down so that way you could get the form and shopping cart you want without having one of those fully bundled web to print solutions.


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Wow, Necromancer Amy Watson raising a 10 year old thread from the dead - Think OP even works for the same company anymore?

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