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I am in the proposal phase (it's promising) for two clients to build eCommerce print storefronts, and I'm looking for a trade printer with Indigo press(es) willing to take on a continuous body of work consisting mostly of business cards, flyers, tri-fold brochures and pocket folders. Must be able to do small quantity perfect binding. One of the clients has ordered over 200,000 business cards ytd. Obviously the orders come in quantities anywhere from 250 to 1000, often with several orders per day. Quality is of key concern, I just got burned by the printer I was partnering with not only by not providing me with the quotes I needed but also on a drop shipment of business cards to a very large client. The color was horrific and not close to the sample I provided. If you are interested in talking to me about this, please email me at liz@print-orders.com


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We're UK based so not after the business, however I'll be the one to ask what no doubt others are thinking:
  • Any reason why your vendor must be Indigo equipped?
  • Do you have a website? (print-orders.com just directs to a GoDaddy holding page)


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All of these are PressWise Print MIS system users whom have Indigos ( and several other press types like offset and wide format in addition to several digital presses ) and as PressWise has an create Order API - as long as they storefront you are building can generate and export XML, cXML or JSON that represents a print order, you can send that to their API Endpoint url for order processing.

Good luck in your search !

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